Feedback - The Return on Their Investment

We are grateful to receive thank you letters from our clients over the years and are happy to share them with you.

Atlantic Richfield Oil and Gas, better known as ARCO which was bought up by British Petroleum was a very big client of ours. Some of our work for ARCO’s interactive training division can be seen
on this page, and our marketing effort for that group, named Anvibet at the time, can be seen on this page.

GTE provided us with the opportunity to educate their employees on basic finance terms and concepts. You can see a bit of that interactive training on this page.

The First United Methodist Church of Allen, Texas needed to raise money to build a larger church. You can see a portion of that fundraiser on this page.

Fujitsu was kind enough to send us a note of thanks after we prepared their annual meeting media for their gathering in Puerto Rico. Much of the video for that live event can be seen on this page.

What a great pleasure it was to produce a documentary film on the fascinating destination of Singapore. While we produced the piece for FODOR’s Travel, it was with the help and sponsorship of the Singapore Tourist Board. You can see a bit of that film on this page.

The John Knox School was another fine non-profit that we were proud to help. They needed an enrollment video that would increase viewer understanding of what their school offered to students and families, and most of all the family environment that a smaller school can boast. Their enrollment doubled within the next year. You can see a portion of that video on this page.

This letter is from Dr. Tom Brian, the wonderful dentist who started a great non-profit called Send Hope. Their mission is to bring dental help to the unserved along the Mosquito Coast of Honduras. Tom needed help in raising funds for his mission. The video we produced for Send Hope can be seen on this page.

This letter is from a church that needed help in getting a message of change out to their congregation. We were proud to help by working with leaders of the congregation to craft a powerful vision of the future that motivated their congregation toward the change that was needed.

This letter is from TACA, a Texas arts support foundation. The fundraising documentary we produced for TACA can be seen in part on this page.

PriceWaterhouseCoopers allowed us to craft a great many many communications programs for them, both external and internal marketing, message and event media. You can see a bit of our work for them on this page.

Kitplanes asked us to create an interactive DVD that would allow users to search a complex database to find just the right kit to build out of the 580 models they presented.

In this letter, Alcatel is kind enough to thank VisualWorks for the quick turnaround and professional results on a last minute job.