Working hard and sweating

VisualWorks is not just another pretty face. We believe in hard work, sweat and getting down in the grease and grime to get the job done. That goes for us, and that goes for your media as well. We can do pretty, but honestly pretty isn’t the most important factor. The one most important factor is that your media works for you. Period.

VisualWorks has been producing sales, marketing, internal and external training and educational programs for corporations, as well as funding and awareness raising programs for non-profit organizations for over 20 years. We have produced everything from high tech super fantasies to very raw and honest documentaries, but all with an emphasis on effectiveness, hence the name "VisualWorks", because media should work for you as a tool.

Since our beginnings in 1996 we have cared about one thing only and that is the success of our client's campaigns. (Please see Our Happy Customers) VisualWorks producer David Whitefield Jones has continually approached his work with the

effectiveness of the media experience in mind for his clients. Before interactivity was widely adopted on the web and elsewhere, David and his team were building programs that used interactivity to teach more effectively and to reach out to our client's customers in a new and more effective way. Retention rates soared, and learning times dropped by 50%.

Why do we focus on effectiveness? Because that is the only reason to produce media - to gain a result, an outcome. Whether your goal is to raise money, raise awareness, increase sales, or increase or decrease certain behaviors, your media company needs to partner with you to produce those results. There are certainly plenty of media companies that don’t share this philosophy of ours but we feel this is truly what you should be paying for. Effectiveness, not just a few minutes with a pretty face.